Clear Quartz Point


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Clear Quartz is known as the master healer used to bring balance to the entire energetic system. It has the ability to amplify psychic abilities as well as create a wall of energy for protection. Clear quartz is truly magical often being chosen as the stone of choice or magic and manifestation. It brings in clear focus and deep connections. A power stone that harmonizes, balances, restores and receives and directs energy.

This unique piece has hematite within it creating what looks like rusty spots. This quality brings a strong more focused laser light of energy to transforming negativity into positive universal light. The hematite makes this stone a little more grounding making it the perfect stone for manifesting dreams into reality. This type of stone with the combination of quartz and hematite is known for its ability to help focus and concentration perfect for anyone with ADD ADHD or those who struggle staying on track.

Unique marking : It has been well known that the symbol of X represents a line of energy connected to witches. This piece has a small x clearly seen top center left.