Regina Swanton has the unique ability to channel energy from higher dimensional realms, and translate this energy into higher awareness and practical motivation for her clients. She takes the time to assist them in strengthening their own connections to Spirit, which is their birthright. She is an awakener.

For as far back as she can remember, Regina has experienced the world in a slightly different way than you or me. As a child, she was mesmerized by the glows of lights that would float around the room. She was captivated by the beautiful colors that ebbed and flowed from people’s bodies. Her prophetic dreams began as early as age five; it soon became a normality for her to have vivid dreams and hear messages in her slumber. To Regina, experiencing these dreams and watching them play out in real life was no big deal. She did not understand that not everyone had these same kinds of dreams.

It was not until Regina was a teenager that she realized these dreams were something more, and was able to define them as visions. Soon after, the details and audible messages that used come to her exclusively in her sleep state began to reveal itself in her waking hours as well.

In her early teens, Regina met her dearest friend in the world, Dottie, who grew to be a caring teacher and mentor. Dottie introduced Regina to the practice of reading cards, teaching her simply with a standard deck of playing cards. Regina was encouraged to engage with the divine and foster the connection she had felt since she was little. With this connection, she perfected the practice of predicting life events. Dottie supported and guided her in understanding energy and how it influences our world. Reading energy fields became a game for Regina.

Regina spent years improving her skills with some of the top professionals in the field of metaphysics. She became certified in hypnotherapy and past-life regression with Dolores Cannon, and also trained with Dale Graff, the former director of the government program Stargate. One of the highlights of her studies was perfecting her mediumship abilities with Sylvia Browne.