Reginas Connection

Providing spiritual tools for personal transformation. A sacred space to initiate healing, cultivate harmony and ignite hope.

Experience the Power of Integrative Healing Medicine

Through these intensive healing sessions deep relaxation is achieved while a light laying on of hands is used to manipulate your bodies subtle energies.


Getaway Healing Retreat for your Body & Mind

Vibrational medicine aligns and balances your own natural vibrating energy to bring about healing. Often as we go through life our energy becomes disorganized as we respond to emotional events.


Disorganized Energy can result in Anxiety, inflammation & fatigue

Utilizing a variety of tools including crystals, sound therapy, and traditional energy work reorganization and activation of new energy is felt on a soul level.

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Regina’s Connection offers you this space to become inspired and rekindle the spark in your soul. In her studio, you can receive guidance on your journey and connect with powerful teachers and mentors who can help you along the way.

Meet Our Experts

Sam McCartin
Sam McCartin
Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, EFT-Certified Polarity- Certified Detox Specialist
Ann Barbetti
Ann Barbetti
Licensed Accupuncturist
Suzanne Shiar
Suzanne Shiar
License Massage Therapist
Certified Meditation Instructor, Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, Healer, and Medium

What Our Clients Say About Us

Absolutely amazing experience!


Regina is amazing! Every time I see her I leave feeling re-energized. Thank you so much!


Regina is amazing! Watching her work with my 7 yr old son is a true gift……opening up doors I could never think of!


This is the creepiest, most accurate reading I have ever had done….Regina is always right on…but this is insane!

Many of us have experienced something that we know is greater and more powerful than we are.